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36: The Future Was Really 80's

September 6, 2013 6:33 am Published by
DRAGON CON happens in two weeks! We get all up into Back to the Future futurism. Source: FSS Podcast

35: Works Every Time

August 19, 2013 4:22 am Published by
The smooth taste of Colt 45 rocks our world, we are all about our Dragon Con plans, and trolls on the internets are trolls. Source: FSS Podcast

34: William Shatner Sold Separately

August 12, 2013 8:25 am Published by
Matt has a man crush on Neil deGrasse Tyson, we talk about why you should support your local neighborhood game shop, and we discover what the Marriott C**k Squat is. Source: FSS Podcast

33: Into Drunkness

August 5, 2013 4:23 am Published by
Marvel as we all get drunker and drunker as the podcast goes on! We talk about TV shows from our childhood that just don’t hold up, the new Doctor, and new BioShock Infinite downloadable content! Source: FSS Podcast

32: Orson Scott Card's Big Gay Movie

July 29, 2013 9:01 am Published by
Dragon Con is only a month away and everyone has big plans, Orson Scott Card (author of Ender’s Game) hates the gays, and Ken just really wants a burrito. Source: FSS Podcast

31: Live From San Diego Christian…

July 22, 2013 5:15 am Published by
Our SDCC spectacular… live from San Diego Christian College! George Lucas and Joss Whedon visit Hooters, there‚Äôs a new Superman/Batman movie, and Madonna was doing . . . something (other than Warren Beatty)? Source: FSS Podcast

30: When You Frame Communism Like That..

July 16, 2013 5:55 am Published by
Doctor Crusher choreographed Labyrinth? Vulcan gets the shaft from astronomers, Hollywood needs to stop remaking classics from our childhood, and we debut a kick-ass Bollywood dance number! Source: FSS Podcast

29: Show Us on the Doll…

July 8, 2013 3:51 am Published by
We welcome guests Whitney and Emily of The Nerdicon to talk about Joss Whedon and the survival of theaters. We break Ken… twice! Source: FSS Podcast

28: I Don't Tweet

July 1, 2013 6:56 am Published by
Ultra-Milk…you put it in your mouth. We start writing a jingle for FSS and Plucky misses out on free tires thanks to a like on Facebook. Source: FSS Podcast

27: The Next Penetration

June 24, 2013 6:06 am Published by
Did they really make the dinosaurs walk and talk? Jimmy is now a hipster, panels explode all the time on Star Trek, and Bollywood chase scenes are always EPIC. Source: FSS Podcast