The Cast

Ken, Matt, Car-2, and friends tear into the fan culture every week and welcome special guests from page and screen! The gang broadcasts from Turbofan Studios in Asheville, NC and on the road at top-notch live events!

Listener discretion advised!
Dramatis Personae:


A perky droid with a soft spot for Tolkien, Car-2’s happiest when being body painted, crocheting Amigurumi figures, or losing herself in LEGO video games. She nerds out about magic rocks and being the last person in the world to discover 80s pop culture. You can find her Instagramming at @Car2.D2.


Genius, billionaire, playboy philanthropist, Ken is a polysyllabic proponent of the Oxford comma and advocate of geeks doing awesome things by being different together. Encourage his insanity on Twitter at @MultiverseAVL.


Matt is the mastermind of Turbofan Productions. He started out as the show’s producer and eventually wound up behind the mic of this and a lot of other podcasts. Doctor Who geek, former radio DJ/engineer, and aviation know-it-all; no aeronautic TV error gets by him! He’s @NCMattJ on Twitter.

Alums & Recurring Friends:


Ingredients: Water, 35 litres. Carbon, 20kg. Milk, 4 litres. Flour, 1.5kg. Chocolate, 800g. Salt, 250 g. Coffee and/or Tea, 100g. Puns, 80g. Video Games, 7.5g. Sprinkles, 5g. Covers of 90s hits performed in animal noises”, 3g. Plus trace amounts of fifteen other elements. Renee “Slam Dunk” Hill, spends her retirement making puns, baking things, and having the best hair you’ve ever seen. She’s at @cakedcrusader13 for all the following.


Jimmy is an active blogger who enjoys writing about horror movies and futurism. Sometimes he plays the curmudgeon when geek culture gets a little too consumerist for him. There’s nothing greater than a great rock n’ roll tune. In his spare time, he gives away great books to those who don’t have any. He tweets at @MonsterStuff.